Company Culture

Not sure where to start with identifying and communicating your company culture? These resources can help you in defining your organization’s culture, developing your mission and vision, and learning more about how honing in on company culture can significantly benefit your organization and the people within it.


  • CultureGene

    CultureGene is an organization that works with companies to maximize and hire based upon their company culture. In consulting a variety of major businesses on this topic, they have compiled a free resource center of over 150 company culture assets, including books, blogs, podcasts, and more from companies like Netflix, Facebook, Next Jump, Buurtzorg and Zappos.

  • Olmsted County S.H.I.P.

    SHIP is an acronym for the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership. SHIP guides employers to create a workplace wellness initiative that creates more places and opportunities for employees to make healthier choices at work. Through this project, employers will learn best practice to implement smart strategies that can impact productivity and retention rates – all at no cost to your organization.